#NoMoreHoney Action on March 29 #KeepDolphinsWild

March 29th, 2020 is the day Honey the dolphin ended her life in the closed Aquarium in which she was abandoned.
In memories of Honey, let’s speak up for Honey through SNS on upcoming March 29th (JST).
We here declare that we will never forget and always #RememberHoney #TheAbandonedDolphin as an icon of all the dolphins still suffering in Japan.
Honey was captivated by #DolphinDriveHunt and after years of entertaining people, was left alone in the tank of closed Aquarium for months and died March 29, 2020.
In Japan, dolphin show is still popular.
The new industry group, Japan Aquarium Association #JAA , must stop buying dolphins captivated from drive hunting and we must #SayNoToDolphinShows to #AbolishDolphinDriveHunt and end this cruelty.
Dolphins are clever and have emotions just like us. Let’s #KeepDolphinsWild and free from captivity.  #NoMoreHoney